Dr. Tara Lynn Teshima
Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Tara Lynn Teshima is a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons board certified plastic, reconstructive, and craniofacial surgeon. She has advanced fellowship training in craniofacial surgery and as a result has a specialized expertise in cosmetic surgery of the face including facelift, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Teshima has a Masters Degree in Virology and attended medical school and underwent plastic surgery residency training at the University of Alberta. She subsequently moved to Toronto to complete advanced fellowship training in adult craniofacial surgery at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the Odette Cancer Centre. She is currently a staff plastic surgeon and Markham Stouffville Hospital and a part-time clinical lecturer with the University of Toronto.

Her research interests focus on the improvement of craniofacial trauma and she was awarded the Prix F.M. Wollhouse award for the best clinical study presented at the 2012 Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting. She has authored or co-authored 18 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

When Dr. Teshima isn’t performing cosmetic surgery she is focused on medical education and was an invited faculty for Medskl, which is a collaboration of nearly 200 of the best medical school professors from around the world. The goal of https://medskl.com/ is to make medical education more effective and more accessible whether you are studying for exams or earning CME credits.

Dr. Teshima is also dedicated to mission work and is one of the volunteer surgeons that has attended a series of medical missions to Kyiv, Ukraine to treat the wounded in the fierce conflict in eastern Ukraine. As a member of the Canadian team, she provides complex treatments to severely wounded soldiers. To learn more you can watch “Healing Hands” on W5.


Dr. Teshima remains committed to resident education and training and is currently leading a collaborative effort with the plastic surgeons at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the Odette Cancer Centre to publish a textbook and comprehensive web-based educational reference for facial surgery.  Dr. Teshima’s excellent training, technical skills and aesthetic sense enable her to provide exemplary care for her patients and is attentive to the individual needs and concerns of her patients.

  • CUSAP Ukraine Mission 2022

  • CUSAP Ukraine Mission 2022

  • Helping a melanoma patient

  • With mentor Dr. Oleh Antonyshyn - Odessa 2018

  • Surgical Aid to Wounded Ukrainian Soilder

  • Ukraine Mission - Kyiv 2014

Awards & Certificates

Utilitas et forma sunt maximi – Membership Certificate, Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons

csps membership certificate

Fellowship Certificate – The Royal College of Physicians


rcpsc fellow certificate

Certificate of Appreciation – Invited Speaker, Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

csaps invited speaker

Craniofacial Fellowoship Certificate – University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine

uoft craniofacial fellowship

Clinic Fellowship Certificate – Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

sunnybrook clinical fellow

Prix F.M. Woolhouse Award – Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons

woolhouse award

R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Centre – University of Maryland

shock trauma certificate

Harvard Medical School – Surgical Leadership Program

Canadian Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Shock Trauma Certificate – R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center

Peer Review Publications

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